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Small cell lung cancer- stage 4

Hi, I'm Billy

Hi I am Sandra My husband was diagnosis with small cell lung cancer stage 4 He take chemo and gets very tried 2 days this normal

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  • Mon Jan 13, 2020
Hi, I'm Billy

Hope this doesn’t last long

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  • Mon Jan 13, 2020
Hi, I am Joe B.

Hi. I am Joe, 61 y/o. I was dx with stage 4 nsclc a year ago and recently dx with prostate cancer also. Yeah me. I do immunotherapy every 21 days and for 4 – 5 days after treatment, I am tired and have little energy. I am a jogger and long distance hiker and the week after immunotherapy, I have learned to plan nothing. I get Keytruda and Alimta. It’s just part of my life and I’ve had to adjust. No big deal.

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  • Sun Jan 26, 2020

Giving yourself easy days and less stress helps wonders. Really there are no set in stone rules, expectations or guidelines. Sometimes I think we think we “have” to do something or other and we don’t. Most important, we need to take good care of our self and be kind to our self no matter what.

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  • Sat Feb 1, 2020

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