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Question for people taking Tagrisso?

Hi, I'm Nic

I was recently diagnosed with Stage IV non-small cell lung cancer in June 2019. After completing radiation in July 2019 on a handful of metastasized tumors, I started taking Tagrisso in August 2019. This is the first cancer drug I’ve taken and feel really grateful to be eligible for Tagrisso. It’s given me a lot of hope, but I’m still nervous about what to expect. So far my side effects are a skin rash, extreme fatigue and some mouth sores. And I still have a good amount of pain from where one of the tumors was on my spine. I’m 38 and had an expectation of being back to work full time by now, but struggling to keep up. Is anyone else working full time? If so, how do you cope with the fatigue and pain while trying to maintain a full time schedule.

I have a history of auto-immune disease so I’m used to balancing a hectic schedule of 50-60 hrs/week of work with doctor appointments, surgeries, hospitalizations, etc., but the recent cancer diagnosis is a whole new level of exhaustion and pain. I’m curious how others cope and keep up with life. People say to cut back at work, but I simply can’t afford my medical bills and cost of living if I don’t work.

Any advice on what anyone else does is greatly appreciated.

Cheers to our Health & Happiness!

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  • Mon Sep 9, 2019
Live everyday being hapoy. Don't waste them being sad!

I was diagnosed March 2017 stage IIIV A nsclc. Had 1/3 right lung removed. Finished treatment and good check ups. Then in November 2018 I was having bad pain in my ribs. Went to have it checked and had cancer. Stage IV metastatic lung cancer. Incurable. Had scans and found 2 tumors on my liver as well. I first did radiation mainly for the pain. Then started chemo. Waited 4 weeks had another scan. Cancer on bones hadn’t grown at all but liver tumors had. So started immuno therepy. Waited had more scans no better. Started a new chemo,just had scans and liver tumors have shrank more than half. First good news since diagnosed. So happy to be able to be with my beautiful children and grand children. And my wonderful husband. I’m leading up to say that I have my days but usually I’m pretty peppy. I love to cook,I completely remodeled my kitchen myself from painting to new furniture and storage cabinets and organizers. I start a new pad of paper every month and write down all I’m going to do. Whether it’s go on a mini vacay with the Grand kids or have a family camp trip,I love to be active and enjoy the babies. Try to look forward to your days and that alone will help you feel better and more energetic.

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  • Sun Sep 15, 2019

Whenever I have extreme fatigue I try to take a quick power nap. Set my phone clock for 15-20 mins (so I know I’ll get woken up) and snooze. My girlfriend takes a 1/2 hour nap (instead of lunch break at work) for her exhaustion. Then she nibbles when she can. Sometimes I do a brisk 15 min walk. Depends on how tired I am at that point. Also, my oncologist upped my D3 and it helps most days. Peace and good vibes to you. Cindy

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  • Sat Sep 21, 2019

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