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Kristy P

Hi, I'm Kristy

Just stumbled on this part of the website for the first time this evening. Hello, I’m Kristy P and my two year cancer anniversary will be soon, on 2/25/2020. Anyone else needing to discuss targeted therapies? I’m taking Lorlatinib.

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  • Sat Feb 22, 2020

Hi Kristy. Congratulations! A few of us talk on “Back Pain” thread on this lung cancer portion. It’s 3 years for me March 23. Robotic lung surgery. Horrendous care and medical treatment. PTSD, medical trauma but all in all I absolutely fine now. Took a lot of self-care to get to this point. I’m writing stories about poor medical treatment and trying to help people get better care overall. Peace to you, Cindy

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  • Sat Feb 29, 2020

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