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Hi, I'm Mary M.
To Donna in Post #11. You may wish to start a "thread" on anal cancer. Just click on "Community" at the top of your screen. Then go to "Discussions." Go to "Start a discussion" and enter your p...
  • Sun May 3, 2015 · Like2
Hi, I'm JFP
I am stage 4 lung cancer, diagnosed over 2 years ago. Your mind is a very powerful tool. Staying positive is imperative. Always find something good even at the worst moments. Exercises, stretch...
  • Sat Apr 11, 2015 · Like6
Hi, I'm Susan J G.
I was diagnosed with CLL in August. Because of my age (37) and the good prognostic markers, I made the decision to only share this with my immediate family. I started doing yoga 4-6 days a week a...
  • Fri Dec 12, 2014 · Like1
Hi, I'm Deborah J M.
I just finished radiation for breast cancer and I have been taking Aromasin daily which I started the first day of radiation. One week out from last treatment and I am working full time as a hygi...
  • Mon Sep 29, 2014 ·
Hi, I'm Katie and I'm a Survivor!
I am using glucosamine sulfate 500mg @ 3 x day. It helps the cartilage in the joints. Doctors said to add chondroitin if it also helped. Get at health food stores and vitamin Shoppe or online. I al...
  • Wed Jun 18, 2014 · Like1
Hi, I'm Coletta Mller
I just joined this site and I did the bone marrow transplant and I left the hospital Cancer Free. Dr. Badros for the University Hospital of Maryland. Wonderful Dr's and staff on the transplant fl...
  • Sun Mar 16, 2014 · Like5
Hi, I'm William F.
My opinion is if you are confused about this treatment, you should get a second opinion from another specialist. You have to be confident it is the best treatment.
  • Sat Jan 18, 2014 · Like3
CNS Lymphoma stinks
Thanks for the offer. We have been battling this cancer for a year and a half now. Things are not going well for us. I just found this site and thought it would be good to try to talk to other f...
  • Sun Dec 22, 2013 · Like1
I'm Jo, and I'm a healthcare professional
Would you like to be part of a nursing research study that explores the symptom experience of patients who take EGFRIs as part of their cancer treatment? EGFRIs include drugs such as cetuximab (...
  • Tue Nov 12, 2013 ·
Hi, I'm George A J.
How is your quality of life? My brother (Allan) moved in with me, Sept.2013. We are both ajusting. Stress seems to bring on a depression, so stay away from that! lol
  • Fri Oct 11, 2013 ·