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Hi, I'm SarahITP
I went to the Mayo Clinic for a second opinion and felt it was worth it. Some advice for you that I think made it easier for me. 1) have an Illness resume- a. Each illness in chronological ...
  • Mon Nov 15, 2021 · Like5
I'm Ginger, and I'm a healthcare professional
I read & study as much as I can. Research is fascinating. It helps me with my continuing education to renew my license. It also helps me get an advantage on getting my FNP license. I'm not thinking...
  • Fri Oct 8, 2021 ·
Hi, I'm Ashley T
I have aHUS (atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome). I was diagnosed April 14, 2016 after being admitted to the hospital from the ER. Honestly, I thought I had a stomach bug or the flu when my flare u...
  • Wed Jul 7, 2021 · Like4
Hi I'm Brandy
I've had lower HGB for most of my life but in 2016 had two, very painful fast bleeds which sent me to the ER. Multiple colonoscopies and endoscopies found nothing but after my iron stores dropped t...
  • Mon Feb 8, 2021 · Like1
Hi, I'm Karrie L.
Is there anyone here who has to come to a cancer center to recieve IV infusions for severe arthritis? Starting simponi infusions tuesday. Scared to death of needles but excited to get the iv and ev...
  • Thu Jul 9, 2020 · Like1
Hi, I'm Brian A.
I need Someone who understands this blood disorder. I have been diagnosed for 5 years, hospitalized 4 times, and still the Hospital refused to acknowledge this disorder and treat it. I am learni...
  • Wed Jun 3, 2020 ·
A male friend of mine in his 60s had CMML and underwent a bone marrow transplant 5 years ago. He was still doing well 2 weeks ago when we spent time together in FL. He had no choice: bone marrow t...
  • Sat Mar 7, 2020 ·
Hi, I'm bob holliday
Americans trust their family doctor. But, doctors are letting us down in the case of hereditary hemochromatosis (H.H.), which causes retention of too much iron and can be fatal. Co...
  • Sat Dec 21, 2019 · Like1
Hi, I'm Gloria A D.
I was just diagnosed with Hemochromatosis. Apparently it was in my blood work last year but wasn’t caught til another Dr. seen in my past lab work that something was wrong and ordered more labs.
  • Mon Sep 30, 2019 · Like1
Hi, I'm ANN M A.
Hello, I have ET also. And have been on hydroxyurea for 20 years. And taking the low dose aspirin. Thankfully the meds keep the platelet count at a reasonable rate. I take my medication at nig...
  • Thu Sep 12, 2019 · Like1

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