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Hi, I'm dolfnlvr81
Been on Herceptin x 3 weeks since September after finishing taxol/herceptin weekly x 12. My side effects are all residual from taxol and the tamoxifen. Herceptin has caused no issues other than tak...
  • Sun Jan 19, 2020 · Like2
Hi, I'm Natasha
I tried it 1 time. It was so cold that it gave me a terrible headache, not to mention we had to keep watching my skin to be sure I didn't get frost bite on my forehead. I was miserable. So miserabl...
  • about 1 hour ago ·
Hi, I'm BETH H.
I was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer in February of 2018, considered cured in December of 2018 but a CT scan showed spots in one lymph node a few months ago. My cousin sent the article on Joe be...
  • about 23 hours ago · Like1
Hi, I'm sah
mines wish . com lol thanks goodness its cheap 2-3$ items esp is hsipping is free that week. have have ton of jewelry, trinkets i dont need now but pretty
  • Mon Jan 20, 2020 · Like2
I'm Barb DeGraaf, and I'm a survivor of Breast Cancer
I have been on Anastrozole for 2 years with very little side effects. Mild hot flashes, mild nausea, really nothing to complain about. I am 61 and was diagnosed in March of 2018 with Stage I IDC....
  • Mon Jan 20, 2020 ·
Hi, I'm Lillian S.
Has anyone had Microwave ablation for kidney cancer? It came back as renal cell carcinoma
  • Sun Jan 19, 2020 ·
Hi, I'm Sharon I P.
As a follow up to Post #2, my red count was down to 9.5 on 1/16, so I got another 20K dose of Procrit. Fingers crossed. Last fall, it took 2 shots before the Procrit kicked in. Back to the doctor ...
  • Sat Jan 18, 2020 · Like2
Hi, I'm Betti
You need to discuss it with your doctor. Infections can be a big problem when your resistance is down from chemo.
  • Sun Dec 29, 2019 ·
Hi, I'm CAROL A Z.
I have been on Letrozole since July if 2018. I endure the joint pain and stiffness and insomnia because the drug is taking care of the cancer. I am constantly fatigued due to poor sleep each and ev...
  • Tue Dec 10, 2019 ·
Hi, I'm Betti
Have you discussed it with your team?
  • Fri Dec 6, 2019 ·

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