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Cancer and Blood Disorder Experiences

My Diagnosis

  • Just call me Gordy.

    Multiple Myeloma Delete 17

    My diagnosis
    Updated Aug 18, 2018
    I am not sure of the relevancy of this story but I thought I might try to express some of my experiences over the past year.

    In May of 2017 my GP ran some blood tests on me because I was complaining about being tired and my golf game was suffering. At the time I was just thinking it was old age creeping in. I thought she might give me…

  • I'm Bonnie Holt, and I'm a survivor of Stage 0 Breast Cancer

    Stage 0 Breast cancer

    My diagnosis
    Added Oct 30, 2017

    My primary doctor told me “Hey you hit the 40 yr old mark, it’s time to get a base line mammogram”. I thought nothing of it. No big deal I have had one before in 2013. I wanted breast augmentation so I needed to have a mammo before the surgery back then. So I have my base line mammo, think However, when the radiologist called me back and said "w…

  • Hi, I'm Ms Betty

    Follicular Lymphoma

    My diagnosis
    Added Aug 27, 2017

    I just found out I have this, I have known something was wrong for a while. Glad they finally figured it out.
    Mixed feelings, wanted to know why I was so tired and my legs would itch and drive me nuts. Once I found out it scared me to death.
    I start my Chemo Wednesday, port will be put in Tuesday. I have read a lot of stuff and I am very fea…

  • Cervical Cancer

    My diagnosis
    Added Aug 1, 2017

    Hi my name is Katrina Diaz I am 38 years old. I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer November 27th 2015. December 2015 I had a radical hysterectomy which biopsy was done and it showed negative signs of cancer. Then in July 2016 my cancer came back more aggressive and bigger than before. So I did chemotherapy every Monday for 6 weeks, external radi…

  • Stage 3 Breast Cancer Survivor

    My diagnosis
    Updated Jul 21, 2017

    Hello Everyone (waves)
    My name is Pamela, and I was diagnosed with stage 3 Breast Cancer last November 2016. Just hearing those words took my breath away, as I lost one sister at the age of 31, 18 years ago. The thought of Chemo scared me so badly, but I knew I had to fight my azz off and i did. I prayed and gave it over to the Lord, a…

  • I'm Harold M W., and I'm a survivor of Multiple Myeloma

    MM Treatment Steps

    My diagnosis
    Added Jul 20, 2017

    I was diagnosed with MM Feb 2017 after having severe back pain, L2 was 20% gone, had kyphoplasty surgery to repair that before MM treatments could begin, 10 rounds of radiation then dex, revlimid, velcade and zometa. My blood results look really good and I get my bone marrow biopsy results July 24 to see if I’m ready for the stem cell transplant…

  • Hi, I'm Semper73

    Colon Cancer

    My diagnosis
    Added Dec 25, 2016

    I was diagnosed Stage 3 in 2011. Had a right hemicollectomy (16") and went through 12 doses of FOLFOX (and a DVT). Thought we were done.

    I was diagnosed Stage 3 in 2012 (the cancer returned at the anastomoses). Another right hemicollectomy (8") and 12 doses of FOL FIRI (and multiple PE’s in all four quadrants). They checked to see if I ha…

  • Hi, I'm Marsha T C.

    Stage 2 Lung Cancer

    My diagnosis
    Added Oct 25, 2016

    I was diagnosed with stage 2 lung cancer in Nov.2015. I have finished chemo and radiation therapy. After my second ct scan, it showed tumor has shrunk about 1/2 and was hollow in the middle. After this third scan, the radiologist says there has been no significant change this time. And, no further treatment was mentioned. Just another ct scan in…

  • Hi, I'm ALBERT C.


    My diagnosis
    Added Aug 20, 2016

    Found a tumor at the BOT.

  • Hi, I'm Beverly


    My diagnosis
    Updated Aug 6, 2016

    I was diagnosed with CML in October of 1996. It’s been a struggle but God is taking great care of me. God continues to make it possible for me to have new medications when needed. I’m on my forth CML medication. Side effects are sometimes unbearable. I also take medication for high blood pressure, cholesterol, hypothyroidism and arthritis. …

Favorite My Diagnosis Experiences

  • Hi, I'm Billy R M.

    Young and Scared

    My diagnosis
    Updated Oct 13, 2014

    It was slightly more than a month before my 18th birthday. I was headed to the hospital for a colonography for what was thought to be bleeding hemorrhoids, this being the result of blood in the toilet after a bowl movement. I wake up from the colongraphy to my Father, mother and sister gathered around me crying. They explained that I was just…

  • Hi, I'm Sidney G C.

    Non Hodgkins B-Cell Lymphoma, Stage 4

    My diagnosis
    Added May 5, 2013

    Hi, I am Sid Cole. After the second needle biopsy on the tumor in my abdomen, I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins B-Cell Lymphoma Cancer, Stage-4 in June 2012. I was very sick from February 2012, until this diagnosis in July 2012. I had seen many doctors, many times, in the Military Facilities on Hill Air Force Base, Utah, the Veterans Affairs Cen…

  • Hi, I'm lung20

    lung cancer stage 3b

    My diagnosis
    Added Jun 23, 2014

    I was diagnosed with nsclc stage 3b may 2013. I went from alternative to conventional and eventually integrative treatment. im 49 years old with two kids ages 12 and 15. I was given 2 months to live but im still kicking!

  • A Thyroid Cancer Fighter working on Living Life

    My Cancer Trip

    My diagnosis
    Updated Jan 12, 2010

    “Your case is… interesting.” This is the last thing you really want to hear a doctor say to you… ever. But especially not when “you’re case” involves 4 years of battling a type of cancer that is supposedly the “best” cancer to have, and the “easiest” to treat. It is a statement that ranks right up there with the radiologist who said, “Man,…