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Cancer and Blood Disorder Experiences

Cancer and Blood Disorder Experiences

  • Hi, I'm Papa Bear

    Diagnosis and Treatment

    My diagnosis
    Added May 28, 2019

    Had a pea size mole on left flank and removed January 9, 2019.
    On Jan 25, 2018 I was diagnosed with Melanoma, surgery February 5th 2018 to remove and trace lymph nodes finding two with metastatic Cancer.
    Apt with Oncologist and Brain MRI and PET scan. All Neg.
    Went back for second surgery March 12, 2018 to remove remaining Lymph nodes. All…

  • hello I amMonkeygirl

    Breast Cancer

    My diagnosis
    Added May 25, 2019

    I wondered from time to time what I would do if I ever came Uppitylady1? with a cancer diagnosis. When I did find out I had breast cancer the news was delivered by a gentleman with his hand on the door knob who I felt. couldn’t<t get out of the room fast enough. That<s ok with me I wanted to leave too.
    My thought about what to do mexy took me a…

  • Hi, I'm Norale A M.

    Need help

    Paying for treatment
    Added Apr 2, 2019

  • Moderation in all things...including moderation.

    Climbing the Cancer Mountain

    Going through treatment
    Updated Apr 15, 2019

    On the off chance that it may help someone else, I have published a personal memoir of my cancer treatment experiences. You can find it at the following link:

  • Hi, I'm Mary Williams

    A solution for the breast itch that can't be scratched!

    What I've learned
    Added Dec 3, 2018
    I’m a very fortunate breast cancer survivor who only has to take tamoxifen for five years. I’m halfway through! I’ve had breast reconstruction to replace my right breast. Everything went fine until about a year ago, when my fake breast started itching. NOTHING would relieve this itching & scratching didn’t do a thing. (Plus one can’t do t…
  • Hi, I'm Travis

    There is a better place

    Overcoming fear
    Added Nov 12, 2018

    I was told I needed a liver transplant and I was worry at first. Then I thought about who created this body and my fear went away because I thought about what I had read in the Bible. ‘COURAGE in Time of Fear’ Psalm 46 and it over and over. I look at all things I have done in life and thought all the peoples I had met, and my family members I lo…

  • Hi, I'm Barbara C M.

    Arimidex and side effects vs Tamoxafin

    Evaluating treatment options
    Added Nov 6, 2018

    I have used Arimidex for 9+ years with no side effects except for the time I was switched to 2 generic cheaper meds because my insurance refused to pay. I was lucky that my doctors went to bat for me and got the insurance to agree to pay again. The agonizing joint pain forced me to use crutches during those months and I still have some even af…

  • Hi, I'm Peggy J C.

    Alway have HOPE!

    What I've learned
    Added Aug 22, 2018

    In June 2018 I celebrated my 20th year as a survivor. What a struggle and blessing!
    Never give up HOPE!

  • Just call me Gordy.

    Multiple Myeloma Delete 17

    My diagnosis
    Updated Aug 18, 2018
    I am not sure of the relevancy of this story but I thought I might try to express some of my experiences over the past year.

    In May of 2017 my GP ran some blood tests on me because I was complaining about being tired and my golf game was suffering. At the time I was just thinking it was old age creeping in. I thought she might give me…

  • Hi, I'm Janie C.

    Colon Cancer diagnosis

    Going through treatment
    Added Mar 4, 2018

    I just want to share my story and any advice is appreciated… I was diagnosed with stage 111b Colon cancer in August of 2017. I had a foot of my colon removed in September of 2017. This all happens so fast I was scared to death. I started in early spring of that year having bloating, major heartburn, a few sharp pains and dropped 15 lbs in abou…

Favorite Cancer and Blood Disorder Experiences

  • Cancer - The Secret Change

    Living with cancer
    Added Jan 31, 2015
    This article, so very well written by a practicing oncologist, is superb! Dr. Salwitz truly captures the feelings that I (and probably thousands of other cancer patients) have. Cancer does suck! My cancer is rare. It grows slowly, but it grows. I do not “look like I have cancer.” I hear so often,“You really look great.” The problem is I …
  • Hi, I'm Craig Blower

    It is what it is. Might as well find some humor in your journey.

    Living with cancer
    Updated Oct 26, 2013

    I was diagnosed last February (2013) with stage IV lung cancer. A shock to me, needless to say, as a non-smoker. Unless of course you count those funny things I smoked back in college 40 years ago.

    Besides the support of family and friends, I have found keeping my sense of humor throughout my journey has been the best medicine, other than the…

  • Hi, I'm Peggy J C.

    Alway have HOPE!

    What I've learned
    Added Aug 22, 2018

    In June 2018 I celebrated my 20th year as a survivor. What a struggle and blessing!
    Never give up HOPE!

  • I'm Beth, and I'm going through treatment for Breast Cancer.

    A Summary of My Chemo Experience

    What I've learned
    Added Jan 7, 2010

    This is a summary of the chemo treatment I survived. I have never experienced anything like this. Radiation, and even surgery, was a breeze in comparison:

    6 treatments, one every 21 days:

    - for each treatment, Brad and I were there 2.5 to 4 hours (always had the bloodwork and meeting with the doctor a day or 2 before treatment)

    - #2 …