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Hi, I'm Patti54
Greetings everyone! This is the 2nd time I’ve had cancer. 38 yrs ago after having my first and only child, I had been a “Down Winder” from Hanford Nuclear Plant in the state of WA. I had thyroid ca...
  • Thu May 12, 2022 · Like2
Hi, I'm April 2
Thanks I need that I really appreciate words of encouragement
  • Wed May 11, 2022 ·
Hi, I'm MARY A S.
I hope everything has gone well for you so far! I also am newly diagnosed with Stage 1 Ovarian. I had a complete hysterectomy a couple weeks ago and start chemo in a couple weeks.
  • Wed May 11, 2022 ·
Hi, I'm Denise
Reading scriptures and trying to interpret them without a relationship with God is like reading a book with your eyes closed. God does not give people sickness. He is the healer and deliverer. It i...
  • Wed May 4, 2022 · Like24
Hi, I'm Betti
  • Thu Apr 28, 2022 · Like1
Hi, I'm Betti
I'm glad to be back, sure missed this site when my computer crashed in February.
  • Wed Apr 27, 2022 · Like3
Hi, I'm Boymom
I lost my hair during a treatment that included Taxotere. It has come back but thin and frizzy. I am now on Enhertu which can cause some hair loss. Has anyone ever experienced the hair loss whil...
  • Wed Apr 27, 2022 ·
Hi, I'm Blessed
Hi. I haven’t told many people. First and foremost I want to thank and praise God. I was dx with rectal cancer last January 21. Stage 2 no Mets. I did 6 chemo treatments and radiation for six w...
  • Wed Apr 20, 2022 · Like5
Hi, I'm AMY D T.
This is most definitely one of the lesser known cancers it seems. I'm 2 weeks post op from having a 4 cm mass removed from the left side of my vulva as well as removal of 6 lymph nodes to make sure...
  • Thu Apr 14, 2022 · Like4
I was diagnosed with anal cancer stage I in March 2016. 2 rounds of chemo and 28 radiation treatments. Since that time I’ve had a gradual tightening of my anus. There not much stretch anymore. As a...
  • Wed Apr 13, 2022 ·

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