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I'm Michael Temple, and I'm living with Lymphoma, Non-Hodgkin's, Stage 2 This site mentioned above I found to be very helpful especially when you are trying to compare your experience to others or ask questions you are afraid to ask your m...
  • Wed Sep 30, 2009 · Like2
I'm Craig G, and I am surviving with Melanoma.
I have my weak moments, but I have never really considered anything but going through this. My most basic thought is that I prefer to live as long as I can. I can not judge your situation, but ...
  • Tue Nov 3, 2009 ·
I'm Sam Malone, and I'm surviving Melanoma
I received confirmation late last week stating that the lesion on my ear was infact, squamouc cell carcinoma. It is believed that the shave biopsy, curettage and electrodessication competed the tr...
  • Mon Sep 28, 2009 · Like1
I'm Misty, and I'm living with Melanoma
Another odd side effect of interferon, is that my eyelashes grew crazy long. So long that I had to trim them. It was weird. Also, my nails got really thin and brittle. They were always getting ...
  • Wed Sep 16, 2009 · Like1
I'm Kaitlin, and I survived Hogkin's Lymphoma
I had a port-o-cath during my treatment and it was removed shortly after I finished my treatment. I don't even think it was an option. Since it is a directly line to your circulatory system, I woul...
  • Tue Jan 12, 2010 · Like1
I'm Victoria Tumblin, and I'm living with Melanoma
I had a general oncologist, but I sought out several melanoma specialist over a period of 4 years. I went to Duke University, Johns Hopkins University, and the Medical College of Virginia. Things...
  • Fri Sep 4, 2009 ·
I'm Misty, and I'm living with Melanoma
I definitely agree with having doctors that you can count on and that really do care about you personally. I advise that everyone get a second or third opinion when getting a cancer diagnosis. Th...
  • Fri Sep 4, 2009 · Like1
I'm Victoria Tumblin, and I'm living with Melanoma
Sounds like you made the right choices Misty. You have to go with what works for you and your family. I believe, only we intuitively know what the best decisions for ourselves is.
  • Mon Sep 14, 2009 · Like4
I'm Gena C., and I am a member of the Navigating Cancer team
Thank you for the great advise! I really appreciate it! We are asking around right now to find the right doctor and the full body scan is something we need to do as well...thank you!
  • Fri Aug 28, 2009 · Like1
Welcome to Navigating Cancer — we are dedicated to helping cancer patients and the people around them navigate the journey to achieve the best care and support possible.
What are the best financial foundations and programs to help pay for cancer care?
  • Mon Aug 24, 2009 ·

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