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Hi, I'm P French
I am breast cancer patient who had stage 2 breast and now I am currently in remission. I am currently taken Tamoxifen 20 mg everyday. I had an CT scan of my abdomen and pelvis and, they doctor saw ...
  • Sun Nov 3, 2019 · Like1
I receive a bi-weekly infusion of Opdivo. No side effects, thankfully. I have experienced considerable itching of my eyes, however, coinciding with the start of treatment. I attributed it to cha...
  • Sun Nov 3, 2019 ·
Hi, I'm CHRIS A C.
I had stage 3 metastatic squamous cell carcinoma with an unknown primary. I was treated Surgry with 35 weeks of radiation and no chemo. The bloody throat did not go away until about four months a...
  • Sun Nov 3, 2019 ·
Hi, I'm Debbie
It sounds, what I have. Did you have side effects . My tongue still stings & my nose & throat still have mucus, which makes it hard to swallow & breath. It’s going to be 3 months after chemotherap...
  • Wed Oct 30, 2019 ·
Hi, I'm LaQuana N B.
Has anyone experienced a missed cycle after taking tamoxifen? If so how long were you on tamoxifen before your missed period. I'm still premenopausal.
  • Wed Oct 30, 2019 ·
I'm Michele5382, and I'm a survivor of Stage 2 Breast Cancer
I had 12 weeks of taxol and 4 rounds of AC. Still dealing with the Neuropathy in my hands and feet. My fingernails are peeling from the cuticle up to my nail edge, a couple of them are raised from ...
  • Tue Oct 29, 2019 · Like4
Hi, I'm Betti
I have been on a statin since 1997 and my cholesterol has been under control while on it. I had read somewhere that Letrozole and other like drugs can cause cholesterol to creep up even being on a...
  • Mon Oct 28, 2019 · Like1
Hi, I'm Robert L G.
I am post #8 update. 2 months since my last post to this discussion. Completed my treatment 9 (10 is in a few days). Have noticed sleep issues and wondering if anyone else has as well? Tired and sl...
  • Mon Oct 28, 2019 · Like4
I'm McKenzys Medical Updates, and I'm a survivor of Head and Neck Cancer
My daughter was diagnosed with HNSCC and had lung metastasis at diagnosis. She did 10 rounds of chemo, radiation to the skull base and then tried pembrolizumab when she progressed again. She had ne...
  • Sun Oct 27, 2019 · Like1
Hi Faye, Nice to meet you. I had robotic surgery left upper lobe, Stage 1 Adneocarcinoma. A prevalent type. You seem in good hands and doing well.
  • Sun Oct 27, 2019 ·

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