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Targeted Chemo- Mekinist/Taflinar

Hi, I'm Bobbie S A.

I was diagnosed in January 2020 with stage IV metastatic melanoma. Had surgery to remove a tumor in my armpit area, along with 10 lymph nodes (only 2 of which tested positive). I began Opdivo immunotherapy in March. Two weeks after I started immunotherapy, I broke out in what I thought was a rash on my breast. Dr diagnosed and treated it as shingles. But it never had the typical itching or pain that accompanies shingles. Another couple of weeks and I began having intense pain in my collarbone area. I was sent for an X-ray that showed nothing. Another few weeks went by, with the pain intensifying and the rash growing. The rash is now blisters that are bleeding on my clothes. (I’m still working full time up to this point. I was sent for a MRI. After a trip to the ER for intense pain, the ER dr was able to access the MRI I just had done and informed us that the melanoma had metastasized on my collarbone. I had a follow up PET scan that revealed metastasis on my collarbone, liver, lung, spine, and the original lymph node area. Also, what we had been told was shingles was not. It turned out to be nodular melanoma on my breast. It was gross and painful. So a new treatment plan was formed: targeted chemo- Mekinist and Taflinar (as I had tested positive for the BRAF mutation), and radiation for the bone metastasis on my collarbone. No suggestions for the cancer currently on my breast. I started radiation on my collarbone which has been successful at treating the pain. I had the radiologist also look at my breast, as it was now doubled in size (it seriously felt like I was carrying around a bowling ball in my bra). My breast was seriously inflamed and irritated). Radiologist felt confident that the breast could be treated with radiation. We decided to move forward. One week on the targeted chemo- nausea is pretty bad and hot flashes are even worse! Radiation is working like a champ! Helping with collarbone, which is now fractured, and drying up spots on my breast.
Has anyone else had a similar experience?

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  • Mon Jun 22, 2020

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