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Stage 4A colon treatment options

Hi, I'm Jazz Mouse

I’m wondering if anyone has heard anything about immunotherapy options for advanced colon cancer? I was diagnosed Stage 3A in April 2015 and had a sigmoid colon resection (no stoma, small victory) and FOLFOX chemo. Despite the neuropathy to hands and feet (which ultimately resulted in three months of disability leave with occupational therapy), I forced myself to stay on schedule and dose level and finished in November 2015.

In September 2017, I graduated to Stage 4 (right lung) and had a lower lobe lobectomy. The pathology from the lobectomy showed clean lymph nodes, but I was advised to have chemo anyway (FOLFIRI with Avastin [Bevacizumab]). I developed what is now felt (although never definitively defined) to be pancreatitis from the Avastin (severe abdominal pains that started within a couple of days and never resolved until I stopped the Avastin after three treatments). I stopped the FOLFIRI after my fourth treatment.

We are planning FOLFIRI with Erbitux (Cetuximab) should I become another chemo candidate, but I was wondering if anyone had heard of any other options and recommended treatment durations. I’m not all that thrilled about the monoclonal antibodies based on my experience with the Avastin (the abdominal pains were excruciating and non-stop — I could not find a comfortably position to be in and my oncologist was slow to respond). But I also haven’t heard or read about any sort of immunotherapy treatments, and so I was wondering if there are any such treatment options and if anyone knows anything about them.

Thanks in advance!

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  • Mon Dec 3, 2018

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