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Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Hi, I'm Marsha

I desperately need support help. Thank G-d, I don’t know anyone with any cancer now (I’ll be 84 next month). It is sooooo hard for me to wrap my head around the fact since I stopped smoking over 33 years ago. I’m halfway through my radiation treatment (hopefully) and the same for the chemo. Radiation is 5 times every week for six weeks and the chemo is once a week for the same six weeks. I am having a VERY difficult time — even though everyone says “I am very upbeat.” (Do I really have a choice.?) Thanks to whomever writes back….. I hope I can find my way back here.

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  • Fri Mar 26, 2021
I'm Laurie, and I'm a survivor of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma

I’m so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I will add you to my prayers. I was also diagnosed with NHL back in May of 2018. I’m 62 with a married son and 4 beautiful grandchildren. I went through 2 years of chemo and am now at the monitoring stage. I hope u have family and friends that can help you through this. My daughter in law was with me when I received my diagnosis and I think she took it harder than, or maybe it just didn’t sink in. A Cancer diagnosis is very hard to take and hits you like a ton of bricks, and if your like me, we put on a good face for those around us so they don’t worry, and then we break down in private. Keep your family and friends close and keep your faith. I also found comfort from the other patients at the cancer center during my chemo treatments, since we were “in the same boat” so to speak. You will get through this. I will keep u in my prayers. Please don’t get offended if I don’t reply on this post for a few days or weeks. I’m also taking care of my 93 year old mother with Alzheimer’s, and working a full time job, so I don’t go on this site often, but I will write back eventually. God Bless You and Stay Strong.


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  • Sat Mar 27, 2021
Hi, I'm Marsha

Thank you so much Laurie for all your kind, encouraging and helpful words. My heart goes out to you as well with your Mom. I kinda thought that, at almost 84, I was “home free” from this horror called cancer. I’ve always brought up my daughters when they were very young to know that, “even though there are many people that are better off than we could ever be, there are ten times more that are worse off.” So, my glass is always 75% full. I wish you and your Mom only the best life has to offer from now on. You will both be in my prayers as well. Thank you again for your support and very helpful words. I look forward to chatting again when the time is right for you. BTW, my name is Marsha and I live in Coconut Creek, Florida.

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  • Sat Mar 27, 2021

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