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Low hemoglobin

Hi, I'm Georgia girl

I was hospitalized may 2019 with again low hemoglobin, just like in 2018 and is how cancer was found. My question is, is it normal to continue with low hemoglobin after being diagnosed? My hemoglobin drops as low as 5.7. I’m getting iron infusion now and it’s 9.9?

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  • Thu Jun 27, 2019
Hi, I'm Betti

I was talking with a lady who was diagnosed less than a year ago with Ovarian Cancer. She had surgery and chemo. and was doing well she thought. When she started having back pain her Oncology nurse ordered a CT scan as she works out alot. She put it off for awhile as it started getting better, found out she had a pulled muscle. She decided to do the CT scan of her lower back and they found her Ovarian Cancer had returned with bone mets. Before her 2nd infusion her blood work showed her to be anemic and they wouldn’t do the infusion. They put her on something that sent the RBCs way up, high enough to do her last couple of infusions.

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  • Thu Jun 27, 2019

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