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I have Merkel cell cancer in face & neck

Hi, I'm CAROL G.

I had 2 surgeries & will start Bavencio ( avelumab ) infusion every 2 weeks.

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  • Sun Jan 20, 2019
Hi, I'm CAROL G.

Has anyone had experience with this condition & treatment ?

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  • Sun Jan 20, 2019
Hi, I'm Larry

Had Head & Neck small cell carcinomas in the lymph system left jaw & neck. Surgery removed all lymph nodes & then chemo & radiation as precautionary if some loose cancer cells remain in area. Fortunately, per PET scan, mine had not yet spread but apparently Merkel starts on the skin & if not detected & treated, quickly metastasizes to the lymph system. I had a complete dermatological exam which didn’t show anything.

Almost a year now since surgery & recent PET scan showed nothing. Will have CT scan every 6 months. Advised that any recurrence would first be treated with immunotherapy.

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  • Sun Oct 13, 2019
Hi, I'm Debbie

It sounds, what I have. Did you have side effects . My tongue still stings & my nose & throat still have mucus, which makes it hard to swallow & breath. It’s going to be 3 months after chemotherapy and radiation. Please tell me it’s a common side effect. I am so scared. I have a petscan and ct scan coming up November 21st.

Thank you


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  • Wed Oct 30, 2019

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