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Has any one out there got vaginal cancer?

I have neuro endocrine small cell cancer of the vagina

I have neuro endocrine small cell cancer of the vagina.
There doesn’t seem to be any info out there on the world wide web!
I would like to start a support group, an info library and generally share experiences!
I have reached the end of my treatment……………….

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  • Sat Jul 16, 2011
I'm Martha F R., and I'm a survivor of Vaginal Cancer
I have vaginal wall cancer. Have had chemo twice with radiation. I am now waiting to get an exam to see if it is gone. Must wait 2 months due to so much swelling in the area an exam is impossible right now.
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  • Mon Aug 6, 2018
I'm Martha F R., and I'm a survivor of Vaginal Cancer

still no info on vaginal wall cancers. seems to be very rare. does anyone else have this and can share anything about this type of cancer?

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  • Thu Aug 23, 2018
In it to WIN it!!!

I was recently diagnosed with squamous cell vaginal wall cancer. Current size is 3 cm by 5 cm anterior L lateral. My current treatment plan is chemo (Cisplatin) 1x per week, in conjunction with focal external radiation 5 x per week for 5 weeks. Treatment begins a week from this coming Monday.

Can you share your mode of treatment & any side effects you’ve experienced? I will update here as the days go by.


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  • Thu Jan 31, 2019
Hi, I'm Mary K H.

I was diagnosed 12 months ago. Felt as if I was alone with this diagnosis! Although I knew better, tough to find information out there. I had 5 weekly chemo treatments also with Cisplatin. Also concurrent radiation, 5 a week for 5 weeks, then 2 internal high dose radiation treatments. Mine was stage 2. A little nausea from chemo, but used “Queasy Drops”, which helped. Order online, and keep some with you. Please talk to your doctors about radiation side effects. I had to use AZO pills to control burning with urination. They work well, and are over the counter. Burning gradually went away after radiation, have no burning now. Radiation can cause shrinkage and scar tissue in your vagina. Apparently it is common, but my doctors did not discuss this with me until radiation was complete. Best of luck with your treatments.

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  • Sun Feb 10, 2019

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