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Hi, I'm JOHN L R.

Looking for input from someone who has gone through this surgery.

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  • Sun Feb 9, 2020
Hi, I'm BobFord

I had an transhiatal esophagectomy in January 2017. After chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

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  • Sat Feb 15, 2020

What stage was your esophageal cancer? I just finished my 3rd round of chemo. Now waiting for another PET Scan to see if my lymph nodes have shrunk in my abdomen and chest. Worst appointment I’ve had so far was with the cancer surgeon. Very impersonal, rough handling of my body, criticized my pain when he pushed on my port 3 times!

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  • Sat Apr 11, 2020
Hi, I'm BobFord

I was stage 2 b. A2 2cm tumor in the esophageal sphincter.

I understand the sensitivity of your port mine was first accessed 28 hours after inplanting it. A young tech nearly caused me to pass out from bouncing on a too short needle before getting help from a more experienced tech, who used a longer needle.
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  • Tue Apr 14, 2020

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