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CMML (chronic myelomonocytic leukemia) treatment options

Hi, I'm Mimi

I’m 79y female diagnosed with CMML in Feb 2019; treatment followed with Procrit injections and then chemo with Dacogen (4 cycles) so far. Also suffer from myelodysplastic syndrome and anemia. Have had 5 transfusions so far. Will probably have 2 more cycles of chemo very soon. Each cycle consists of 5 days (Monday thru Friday) once a month. Apparently this is a rare form of this disease and the only real cure is BMT or stem cell transplant (my age prohibits both). Has anyone had experience/or been diagnosed and treated for type of leukemia?? I have been fortunate in that have had no serious side effects from the chemo. Also would like to know what the survival/life expectancy is. Have done research on the internet and it can be 20 months to 40 months depending on variables in blood chemistry.

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  • Sun Feb 23, 2020
Hi, I'm Sandy M

I was diagnosed with CMML in 2003 at the age of 63 (I am female) and am still in stage 1. I am not being treated, only watched and visit my hematologist twice a year. An enlarged spleen led to the diagnosis and my spleen was removed in 2003. My blood levels have been stable these 17 years, and I am grateful. My symptoms are mostly fatigue and I take precautions because I know my immune system is impaired. I too, thought my life expectancy was greatly shortened by what I read, but I was wrong and those predictions are obviously not correct.

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  • Wed Mar 4, 2020

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