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I'm nwonline, and I'm a survivor of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma

Hello all, I was diagnosed with CLL initially, that went to SLL a year later.. That was 5 years ago. I have tried my best to avoid medical intervention. I went all raw food and that was huge. Cooked food rapidly accelerates SLL and i found that provided I stuck to it everything was stable.. However sticking to it is hard and occasionally I had transgressions and paid the price.

I have a huge amount of lymph nodes up, no idea of the stage. But 100 nodes. probably.. Thing is very few are large. I probably have one or two a 2cm, a handful or so at 1cm and the rest smaller. I am still fit, no fatigue, I can walk 3 miles fine. But it’s still a worry. I’ve not had a WBC test in a year. Once is due shortly.

The main problem I have is a pulse in my ear that is not going away and swollen lymph channels between my jaw and ear leading down to lymph nodes..

My diet is very clean, still 100% raw, largely fruit, with 2 avocados per day. I suffered stress for years and that is now largely under control. I do get fearful at times (at the moment) and that causes anxiety. I am a father to two girls 5 and 10 who don’t know. I’m so close to my girls, it would devastate my eldest. So I think I’m interested in hearing from other SLL sufferers, of which there seems to be very few. I used to have 16 mercury fillings in mouth. I had them all taken out in stages and wonder if mercury is a big problem. My nodes are stable, the only active area seems to be this area between the jaw and ears leading down.. This is what makes me think mercury. I suspect I was loaded with it and although the fillings are removed, a lot remains in the tissues and lymph nodes. I’m not taking any supplements at the moment. Should I be drinking green tea? I do get a bit of fluid in my legs, if I eat cooked, this blows up but on raw it’s way better. There is a lot more to share, but that’s it for now. I’d appreciate hearing from any one. Cheers..

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  • Mon Mar 23, 2020

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