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Cll and MS

Hi, I'm Patricia

I’m also one of the Cll patients who has MS. The MS was dx in 1984 and the Cll in 1995. My neurologist had at one time told me that he didn’t have any other patients who had that combination. Other physicians have agreed Today is the first time that i’ve seen it and I’m seeing not just one occurrence but four cases. I’m a retired RN and former National Multiple Sclerosis Society Support Group Facilitator. I’m very glad to have found this site today and I’d like to hear your story if you want to share.

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  • Sat Jul 6, 2019

I have MS for 10 years and was diagnosed with CML September 11 2018. I’ve heard MS treatment has in the pass cause bone marrow dDiseases

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  • Mon Jul 15, 2019

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