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Chronic stomach distress and mild nausea

Hi, I'm Orinda L M.

I completed chemo four months ago for breast cancer. From day one of chemo to now I have consistently experienced stomach pain/distress and persistent mild nausea. I have no appetite and am forcing myself to eat to keep from losing more weight. I have had a colonoscopy and endoscopy and nothing was found. The only drug I have taken from day one is Anastrazole (Aridimex) and have been taken off this for three weeks to see if that will make a difference . Before chemo I had a strong GI tract, ate healthy and never even had indigestion. Am I being impatient with my expectations? Is the restoration of the GI tract to anything resembling normalcy going to take 6 months to a year?

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  • Sat Mar 2, 2019
Hi, I'm Betti

Part of my chemo. protocol was an antinausea medicine given to me prior to each infusion. My Onc. also prescribed 2 different antinausea meds. to take at home for the first couple of days following the infusion. After my 2nd infusion I never took any of the meds. at home but still got them prior to the infusion. I pray they find the cause but do know too that chemo. can mess with one’s system for a time.

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  • Sun Mar 3, 2019

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