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bilateral mastectomy 3 weeks post surgery

I'm Telly, and I'm a survivor of Breast Cancer

It’s been 19 days since my mastectomy and I’m interested in hearing others comments on recovery. First two weeks seemed difficult, 4 drain tubes in which one was so painful I could hardly move my position without it hurting. The first 5 days seemed like I’d be in depression by day 14. However, I quit feeling sorry for myself and decided I’d let everyone take care of me and I’d try to do all I could day by day. I elected to have the tissue expanders placed during the mastectomy. They aren’t that comfortable, but I knew I wanted implants. My right arm is still stiff and I cannot fully extend it. I guess it’s from the removal of lymph nodes. It feels like it’s been burnt. I was told this was normal. Hope it doesn’t last for long. I’ve been doing a lot more lately, making dinner, doing laundry. I was told not to lift over 2 lbs for 4 weeks, and not over 5 for 8 weeks. So now I’m always worried I’m going to do something to hurt myself and I certainly don’t want to do that. My doctor didn’t suggest any excercises and I see where others do. What sort of stretches do you do? I do get exhausted when I do something like make dinner, or laundry. I’ve had trouble falling asleep at night and staying asleep. I have tried sleep meds to help me. I guess my body is not use to laying around all day. I never nap. My second post op appointment my doctor took out all the drains and gave my expanders a fill. It was good to see I was making progress to look like a woman again. However, they cancelled my upcoming weekly appointments because of this Corano Virus. I figured they would. Frustrating for sure..I keep telling myself there are people way worse than me and if I can’t get my implants by summer, I’ll survive.
I have been looking online for what type of bra to buy while I’m getting the tissue expanders filled. Any suggestions. I want some type of bra that has padding because I cannot get use to this flat chest I have now. When I get dressed up one day I want to look alittle normal. Can we wear a normal padded bra? Will it do anything to the expanders? I have had only one fill, and who knows when I can get another one. I’d like to hear more about how you women are doing at 3 weeks after surgery. I drive myself crazy thinking I’m doing something that could land me back into the hospital. I haven’t given my boss a date of my return to work. My right arm has to be able to move first. I haven’t even tried to drive a car. Blessings to you all reading this, may the Lord grant you a speedy recovery and good health from here on.

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  • Tue Mar 17, 2020
Hi, I'm Barbara

thanks for mentioning the burnt sensation in your arm…i had my surgery March 10th and that seems to be the most annoying post op problem I have so I am counting myself blessed….you are in my prayers for a speedy and complete recovery…keep us posted and again thanks for sharing your experiences.

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  • Tue Mar 24, 2020
I'm Vicky, and I'm a survivor of Stage 1 Breast Cancer

I had my breast surgery on May 29,2019 in Michigan, it was an out patient procedure. The “burnt” sensation will go away with time. I was instructed by my breast cancer surgeon to start exercising my arm – the day after my surgery. I also had 2 drains. I was driving with in 2 weeks of my Mastectomy and kept up with arm exercises undiluted my 6 week check up. I waited and had delayed breast reconstruction. I did not do the implants for multi negative reasons. I ended up going to PRMA Plastic Surgery Center for Advance Breast Reconstruction in San Antonio Texas. I just had my 1st part of my DIEP flap surgery done on Jan. 27, 2020. I would recommend PRMA , as my reconstruction was done and I had no pain with no pain pills. I was only in the hospital for 2 nights for the reconstruction. I did have drains again. 2 of them came out 8 days after surgery and the last one after 2 weeks. Also PRMA also told me what type of bra to buy. Which are ones with the zipper in the front and have added padding in the front. Which I did not start wearing until after I got home from Texas. As we stayed until after my 2 week check up. Looking at going back to PRMA in Texas in May 2020, to have the 2nd part of my surgery, which will be out patient again. Hope every one is doing better.
Vicky from Michigan

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  • Wed Mar 25, 2020

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