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Regimen Information

For BLD, including Side Effects


Drugs in this Regimen:

For the treatment of Multiple Myeloma

How BLD chemotherapy is given and possible side effects.

BLD for the treatment of Multiple Myeloma

BLD is the acronym for a chemotherapy regimen used in the treatment of multiple myeloma

B = Velcade (bortezomib)

L = Revlimid (lenalidomide)

D = dexamethasone

Chemotherapy is often given as a combination of drugs. Combinations usually work better than single drugs because different drugs kill cancer cells in different ways.


  • Nausea & Vomiting

  • Diarrhea

  • Constipation

  • Neuropathy

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Community Responses

Often, the most helpful information regarding treatment side effects comes not from clinical brochures, but rather from other patients like you. We've collected the most helpful community resources to help you prepare for the side effects and coping tips for your chemotherapy regimen.

What side effects did you experience while on this medication?

Hi, I'm Donald M T.

I was on this regiment for a year. Throughout I had fatigue, tried to sleep 8 to 10 hours. Diarrhea, took lomotil and Imodium AD to try to control it. Periphryl Nueropathy which I’m still suffering from in hands and feet. Had some chemo-brain but not too bad. And I went from hot blooded to cold blooded throughout. I’ve been in remission now for 17 months, lost my job 13 months ago and am now on disability. I lost 80 pounds during this process, but have gained some of it back once off the chemo. I just got off the zometa last month after being on it for 1.5 years. Only time will tell. Prayer helps also. God Bless You All.

  • Mon Aug 24, 2015

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What were the specific side effects that you experienced while taking this medication? How did you manage them?

What coping tips would you give to new patients on this regimen?

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This discussion needs your voice!

What do you wish you had known before taking this medication? What information would you like to pass on to patients who are beginning this medication?

Treatment Overview

This chemotherapy regimen is commonly used to treat:

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