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Regimen Information

For BD, including Side Effects


Drugs in this Regimen:

For the treatment of Multiple Myeloma

How BD chemotherapy is given and possible side effects.

BD for the treatment of Multiple Myeloma

BD is the acronym for a chemotherapy regimen used in the treatment of multiple myeloma

B = Velcade (bortezomib)

D = dexamethasone

Chemotherapy is often given as a combination of drugs. Combinations usually work better than single drugs because different drugs kill cancer cells in different ways.


  • Nausea & Vomiting

  • Diarrhea

  • Constipation

  • Neuropathy

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Community Responses

Often, the most helpful information regarding treatment side effects comes not from clinical brochures, but rather from other patients like you. We've collected the most helpful community resources to help you prepare for the side effects and coping tips for your chemotherapy regimen.

What side effects did you experience while on this medication?

Hi, I'm Robert E J.

I took both of those drugs in preparation for a stem cell transplant. The dex increased my appetite and I gained 20 pounds (all of which I lost during the transplant). It also made me very emotional, which I had never been before, and the effect persists after three years.

I have only two side effects from the bortezomib, which I continue to take every two weeks (with no other drug)—low platelet count and fatigue.

  • Sun Jan 12, 2020
Hi, I'm Jamie J.

Started BD treatment on Oct. 1. I have not had any of the “common side effects”; we do complimentary vitamins at home: to prevent neuropathy B1- 100 mg/3xweek (NOW brand), methyl-B12 – 1000mcg/per day (Jarrow brand); to prevent constipation Magnesium citrate 400mg/3xweek. Did not experience nausea or vomiting, speculate that doing BD on empty stomach prevented upset stomach. (I do BD once a week. D is over 48 hr period/ 2 half doses). Prescription Naltrexone 4.5 mg the night before chemo; melt under tongue.

  • Wed Dec 28, 2016

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What were the specific side effects that you experienced while taking this medication? How did you manage them?

What coping tips would you give to new patients on this regimen?

Hi, I'm Jamie J.

Attend weekly women’s Bible study at non-denomination (Bible) church. Small group. 9 months long. Also praying for one another. We use GroupMe app for quick communication.

Facebook (19 friends only) cancer updates every 6 weeks. They encourage and pray for me. Both groups are invaluable for spiritual health which is just as important as medical health.

Reading book, How to Forgive When You don’t Feel Like It, by June Hunt. A necessary emotional/spiritual project for me.

  • Wed Dec 28, 2016

This discussion needs your voice!

What do you wish you had known before taking this medication? What information would you like to pass on to patients who are beginning this medication?

Treatment Overview

This chemotherapy regimen is commonly used to treat:

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