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Regimen Information

For AC followed by Taxol and Herceptin, including Side Effects

AC followed by Taxol and Herceptin

Drugs in this Regimen:

For the treatment of Breast Cancer

How AC followed by Taxol and Herceptin chemotherapy is given and possible side effects.

AC followed by Taxol and Herceptin for the treatment of Breast Cancer

AC followed by Taxol and Herceptin is the acronym for a chemotherapy regimen used in the treatment of breast cancer



= Doxorubicin Hydrochloride (Adriamycin)


= Cyclophosphamide (Cytoxan)


= Taxol (paclitaxel)

+Herceptin ( Trastuzumab)

Chemotherapy is often given as a combination of drugs. Combinations usually work better than single drugs because different drugs kill cancer cells in different ways.


  • Infection

  • Nausea & Vomiting

  • Mouth Sores

  • Diarrhea

  • Alopecia or Hair Loss

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Community Responses

Often, the most helpful information regarding treatment side effects comes not from clinical brochures, but rather from other patients like you. We've collected the most helpful community resources to help you prepare for the side effects and coping tips for your chemotherapy regimen.

What side effects did you experience while on this medication?

Hi, I'm Fiona

I had 4 cycles of AC followed by 4 Taxol with Herceptin. I am about to have my final Herceptin (number 17). The AC had a definite pattern. I would get it on Tuesday, start to feel tired on Friday, be exhausted on Saturday & Sunday, start to feel better on Monday and be back to normal on Wednesday. I found the Taxol more difficult even though my team all said it was easier. Whereas I did not experience the fatigue I had severe knee and ankle pain. This required Amitriptilline 10mgs at night and Tramadol 100mgs SR twice daily. This controlled the pain but left me feeling disconnected. I reduced the Tramadol to 50mgs twice daily and was able to function better. Taxol also caused my fingers and feet to go numb. After 9 months I’m happy to report my fingers are 98% improved and only 2 of my toes are numb now. I got my Taxol every 3 weeks but my unit are now giving it as a weekly dose as the SE are supposed to be less severe that way.
Herceptin has not caused me any real problems. Only thing was a runny nose between day 4 and 8.
Good luck to all :-).

  • Thu Nov 8, 2012

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What were the specific side effects that you experienced while taking this medication? How did you manage them?

What coping tips would you give to new patients on this regimen?

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Treatment Overview

This chemotherapy regimen is commonly used to treat:

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